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A Different View #StBarthStrong

A Different View #StBarthStrong

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“A Different View” | I am often looking up and all around because I know that we tend to miss the most wonderful things as we focus on where we are going and what we need to do. However, often sit down on sidewalks and then look up, but in this case, I did. And I was greatly rewarded with this lovely shot. The serene blue of the sky and the weather fence are such delightful foils to the delicate, yet strong floral branches.

While much of the island's flora was stripped bare, these are resilient plants that will grow again. Those that don't will be replanted by the fervent gardeners that passionately keep these air exchangers in good health.

This 17" x 11" unique print will ship flat.

This collection of limited edition prints of St. Barth to support #StBarthStrong and their GoFundMe fundraising campaign. 50% of the sales of these prints will go directly to the campaign.

100% of the funds raised by StBarthStrong are going to supplies to rebuild the homes and businesses of St Barth. We are purchasing chain saws, tarps, gas cans, generators and related supplies, and are flying them down to St Barth for immediate distribution to relief workers.