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Le Valet #StBarthStrong

Le Valet #StBarthStrong

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“Le Valet” | I have passed by the entrance of Eden Rock, the fabled St. Barth resort, hundreds of times and what always strikes me is that no matter how busy it is there, there is always a serenity. It’s present everywhere: the hotel, restaurants, the shops; there’s never a flustered element. So calm is it, that I noticed that the valet, unless actively helping a guest, would remain patient and still at his post. There he stood bathed in the consistent green glow of the starboard lantern that marks the entrance, calmly in contrast to the cars the whizzed by and left trails of light

This 17" x 11" unique print will ship flat.

This collection of limited edition prints of St. Barth to support #StBarthStrong and their Go Fund Me fundraising campaign. 50% of the sales of these prints will go directly to the campaign.

100% of the funds raised by StBarthStrong are going to supplies to rebuild the homes and businesses of St Barth. We are purchasing chain saws, tarps, gas cans, generators and related supplies, and are flying them down to St Barth for immediate distribution to relief workers.