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Southern Vermont Arts Center Opens Eclectic Exhibitions

Written by Elayne Clift With the theme of “Hope”, the Southern Vermont Arts Center (SVAC) in Manchester, Vermont opened its annual Fall/Winter member exhibition on October 10th. On view in the Yester House, the exhibition represents an artistic response to this year’s Covid-19 pandemic by 75 of the 200 SVAC member artists. Their works invite visitors to ponder a range of media and to find respite from the stress caused by the health crisis. The offerings are diverse ranging from Kathleen Fleming’s new works, the colorful “After the Rain” and “Beyond the Fields,” both mixed media on panels, to Todd Reuben’s graceful stainless-steel sculptures. Lauren Silver’s ceramic stoneware plants and Carolina Ellenbogen’s nine miniature portraits of “People I’ve Never Met”...

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Unidentified Floating Objects

I'd been working on the Bubble Series for several years and wanted to add another layer to the series. During exhibitions for the Bubble Series, I would talk with people about the photographs and then leave them alone to peruse the show.  I would then listen to people talk about the photographs and hear what people thought the bubbles "really were" as they often did not believe that what they were seeing were bubbles. Eventually, I started to deliberately create a scene in which the viewer truly can not determine what they are seeing. Instead, I want people to hypothesize what are, in fact, these unknown objects. Oftentimes, when I am working underwater, I will see objects that have no place being in our waters and...

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